Thursday, January 28, 2010

Adele gets Messy

For some reason I've been listening to Adele a lot lately. I mean I've always loved her (Adele has to be one of my top 5 fav. female vocalists) but a few of her songs have really spoken to me recently and I am trying to understand why. However in the meantime, I'll just introduce her to all of you who still may be unfamiliar.

Besides her undeniable rich voice, her lyrics speak to me. They say you have to know a little about the artist to understand why they write some things- well by listening to Adele it seems as though she's a hopeless romantic who has regular problems in the galazy of love just like the rest of us.

Melt my heart to stone and First Love are my most favorite tracks of hers. Melt my heart to stone- because of its pure honesty. Many of us have experienced some form of unrequited love or an infactuation that you thought was "love" and never went further than you wanted.

Well that is what Adele is saying "You build me up and leave me there". First Love is quite amazing to me as well because of it's raw emotion. No one wants to let go of that first love because it will always stay with you rather its the love you wanted or not. The lines " Forgive me first love but im tired/I need to get away/to feel again...I need to taste a kiss from someone new...Im bored -To say the least, I lack desire" are breathtaking.

Sure the words are simple and anyone could have said it. Adele lets us know that its okay to move on- to let go and feel what its like to be free from a stagnant situation. So for all you indecisive and lovesick lovers- have a listen to Adele 19


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