Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Have you ever been in love so bad that it hurts? Now let me make myself clear. I don't mean hurt as in love sick or "loved somebody so much it makes you cry" jones' but I mean hurt as in physically, mentally or socially.

Isn't it crazy how love can redirect your actions and feelings towards other people or things? Why is love so powerful? So captivating? So undeniably dirty! From the moment you look into his or her eyes you are automatically trapped. Well then let me stop. Maybe it isn't love's fault after all- maybe its infactuation? lust? who d owe point the finger to?

Its interesting how women fall for the "bad guy" and men fall for the "ride or die". It seems as though we need someone tough to compliment us. Are we all insecure? weak? Dependent. Or are we in love with the idea of love so bad that we fall for the first thing we see.

Love is Messy.

Love is like that favorite song of yours that never gets old or your favorite movie that you're drawn to watch everytime even though its the 984,993,239th time you've seen it. Its the best memory and most voted past time. Its like you go outside to play and your mother tells you not to wear your good clothes but you do regardless and when you came back inside you try to hide all the dirt and grass stains. Love is Filthy. Filthy like an addiction. We hate it! Can't stand it wish it never existed! At the end of the day, is that all we really live for? To love someone and have someone love us back?

Have you ever been in love so bad that it hurts? I'll be the first to say that I have.


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