Friday, January 22, 2010

it's a way of life.

today, i asked a friend if he still wanted to be a dentist and he said "yeah but more than anything RICH". at first i laughed at the response but let's just be honest. at the end of the day , we go to college , exhaust ourselves day in and day out , spend countless hours searching and applying for internships , reading and writing what seems to be endless amounts of pages to reach a certain socioeconomic status. we want to be wealthy. we want to be able to obtain everything that our heart desires and then some.

but for somebody like me , that isn't enough. i want to be now you may think that i'm talking about money but that's not it. i want to live my life in numerous business suits in assorted blacks, grays and beiges , subtle make-up during the week and red lipstick on the weekend. i want to work hard all day and get a little messy when i go home to my husband or boyfriend or whoever. i want to engage in endless , breathtaking coloring in and outside of the lines. i want to be able to paint a unique picture and lose control while doing so. and when i go out , i want to be able to say "i got it. everything's on me". beautiful, filthy and rich. that's the life i'm tryna live.

at least until i decide to start a family :)


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