Friday, January 22, 2010


First I would like to welcome every one of you to our online magazine/blog. We hope that whatever we post will inspire or intrigue you! It took me a while to think of what to actually say for our first entry, but I realized that I should look beyond myself and dedicate this first entry to the people of Haiti.

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As I watch the television and read the newspaper, I can not help but be saddened by the striking images and visible sorrow that is written across the faces of the people of Port Au Prince, Haiti. I dontated what I could however, that was not enough. It made me feel proud that I was able to help in some sort of way, but on the otherhand it is heartwrenching to continue to see a lack of progress. Presently, I am watching the Haiti relief concert and I am harshly reminded of how important it is for everyone to help and donate to Haiti. There are a million of ways to donante via texting "yele" to 501501 which is Wyclef's fund and even skipping that trip to to go to, also you can text GIVE to 50555. Wherever you see an ad or event for the aid of Haiti, please donate. Help someone in need just as you'd like someone to help you. As humans and children of God it is our job to lift each other up.
Even if all you have is a penny, please GIVE.


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